Master Aiden BDSM Chicago

****Retiring on Monday, July 31st, 2017.  Schedule your final sessions now.****
I am a professional Dom as well as a BDSM lifestyler, hobbyist, instructor, educator, writer, and photographer.

Mutual respect--between myself and my submissives--is highly important to me.  Also, I work within legal bounds.  I believe, very strongly, in the freedoms of consenting adults as well as maintaining a substantial code of ethics.  Although freedoms between consenting adults--through fetish, roleplay, and bondage--are my forte, I do not offer any illegal services as defined by Illinois laws.

I have been a practitioner of Bondage-Discipline-Sadism-Masochism techniques for a decade and a Master since 2006.  My understanding of the bondage world is expansive to say the least.  I work with well-versed submissives as well as with novices.  When I am not punishing my naughty slaves, I write a column called "Yes, Master" based on my experiences as a Dom and my interest in BDSM techniques, approaches, events, art, literature, and history. "Yes, Master"--originally created for and featured on The New Gay website based out of Washington, D.C.--continues with new features and essays on my blog.

For my slaves/clients, I conduct sessions out of my own dungeon playspace (Werkstatt Dungeon in the Portage Park district of Chicago) or, if a slave needs me to come to them, that can be arranged as well.  Sometimes slaves may choose to join me at a dungeon club or at one of Chicago's numerous and frequent BDSM events and play parties.  Many options are available.

Regarding those looking for instructors or presenters at BDSM-related functions (or private tutorials for individuals, couples, or groups), I am available for scheduling.

As a Dom, I have my rules, my perspectives, my do's, my don'ts, and my ways of operating. I've seen it all, done it all, and have my definite favorites.

Being a genuine and experienced Master, I never resort to dangerous or destructive behavior towards my submissives. My means of Domination and my understanding of slaves is unmatched. I stand for Truth, Courage, Experimentation, Indulgence, Sensation, and Transcendence. I am cruel when need be and a gentleman always.

I see into the souls of my submissives and have the skills to control them. I know what they need, desire, fear, and what they can handle. Strict and clear, always. Thoughtless, never.

My slaves are sharp, intellectual, articulate, and successful.

The best slaves deserve the best Master. Submit to temptation and join me in BDSM adventure!